Joliet, Illinois

The Americas Styrenics polystyrene plant in Joliet, Illinois is about forty miles southwest of Chicago.  The polystyrene plant began operations in 1975 and became an AmSty asset in April 2008.

Americas Styrenics
26332 South Frontage Road - W
Channahon, IL 60410

Phone: 815-418-6430

2007 OSHA-Injury free for seven (7) years, Stage 2 Empowered Workforce

Products Produced
HIPS Polystyrene

STYRON™ high-impact polystyrene resins provide balanced toughness, gloss and process ability. These resins are designed for "toughness" and are available in a range of impact resistance suitable for applications such as furniture, floppy diskettes, toys, packaging, housewares, appliance parts, audio and video cassettes, dinnerware, refrigeration and vacuum-formed packaging.


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