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Ongoing collaboration
Utilize credible science for public policy

Stakeholder Engagement

To achieve plastic recycling goals, we need a regulatory framework that promotes the robust collection of plastic waste and the manufacturing capability to repurpose it into new plastic and other products. AmSty believes in the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR) and is engaged in constructive dialogue with stakeholders on reasonable EPR solutions. We need a variety of tools in the recycling toolkit to accelerate progress. It is essential that regulators recognize and support the use of all recycling technologies, including advanced recycling, mechanical methods, dissolution, and emerging technologies.

We are also working to understand the full carbon story of polystyrene to ensure it is considered in ongoing efforts to mitigate climate change. A recent McKinsey study noted that virgin polystyrene and other plastics often emit less greenhouse gases (GHGs) compared to alternative products when viewed over the entire life cycle. Recycled plastic is even better, often emitting 70% less GHGs than virgin plastic when compared to standard end-of-life options like incineration or landfill. We will continue engaging with other stakeholders to build out the scientific record and ensure it’s an important consideration in public policy.