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Styrene occurs naturally in food
Synthetic styrene touches many aspects of modern life

Styrene: The Building Block

Natural Occurrences of Styrene

Synthetic Occurrences of Styrene

It all starts with styrene monomer, a key ingredient for the products manufactured by our styrene customers and also the foundation for our array of polystyrene products. Styrene is a clear, liquid, organic compound found naturally in coffee beans, cinnamon, peanuts, and strawberries, and we also produce it synthetically.

Its applications touch many aspects of modern life. Styrene is all around us in our homes as a key ingredient in carpet, bathroom countertops, the kitchen appliances we use to prepare meals, and the TV monitor we use to catch up on the daily news and weather. The story is similar in our vehicles; the dashboard, console, and steering column cover contain styrene, as do the belts and hoses under the hood that keep the engine running. The asphalt roads we drive on contain styrene, along with the keyboards we use at work, the swimming pools we enjoy when relaxing outdoors, and the soles of our boots when hiking. Even the safety of our water supply is entrusted to ion-exchange resins that contain styrene to remove impurities.