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CEO Letter to Stakeholders

We chose Driving Sustainable Change for the title for our inaugural sustainability report as a reflection of AmSty’s mission as a company. We take to heart the phrase, “act your way into a new way of thinking,” which is why we prioritize actions that deliver sustainable outcomes across every facet of our enterprise. Sustainable change drives innovation, builds trust, improves operational efficiency, and opens doors to new opportunities.

It is also the right thing to do. The concept of sustainability is not new to AmSty. Since our formation as a company 15 years ago, we have consistently achieved top quartile environmental, health, and safety performance within our industry. Foundational to our sustainability efforts is the minimization of waste throughout our operations and supply chain. Our efforts in plastic recycling are also intended to reduce – and eventually eliminate – plastic waste in landfills.

As part of our journey, we are connecting to raw materials that are more sustainable, conducive to recycling, and suitable for integration into the global supply chain. We are embracing the next step of designing and managing our processes to reduce carbon emissions. Key to this critical initiative is understanding our carbon footprint so that we can set improvement goals. The resulting innovation will create sustainable solutions and drive new opportunities far into the future.

I am proud that AmSty has emerged as a disruptive innovator in its brief history. We are pioneering sustainable change in our markets and taking bold actions to embrace sustainability on a deeper level. This purposeful journey will bring fresh perspectives, evolve our culture, and take us further as a company.

Dr. Randy Pogue
AmSty President & CEO

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