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The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities will always be our top priority.

Every day, we strive for zero injuries and incidents. We deliver world-class performance through disciplined application of our operational management system and Tenets of Operation. Our proprietary operational management system is an integrated set of policies, requirements, processes, procedures and best practices to effectively manage work, maintain and implement company policies, and achieve objectives and targets. 

Each AmSty location must maintain coordinated and integrated emergency response plans. Our facilities drill and practice with local response agencies to ensure coordinated and effective responses to unplanned events.

AmSty is committed to environmental excellence. We strive to be a model for the chemical industry by making optimal use of the planet’s precious resources that we consume, and by minimizing emissions and waste. 

We care about the communities where we live and work by demonstrating a culture that puts safety above all and heeds responsible environmental policies and practices. 

AmSty has committed to publicly share our views on the principles that are the foundation for product safety legislation and regulation. We support the development of responsible, science-based laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures that safeguard the community, workplace and environment. We welcome appropriate review by governments to maintain and enhance public acceptance of its operations and products.

At AmSty, we challenge ourselves daily to safely create products and services that make life better for people around the world.



Contractor Safety

At AmSty, the safety of our people and operations is a core value. To ensure all of our contractors and vendors share the same commitment to health and safety, we’ve partnered with ISN to evaluate and monitor our contractors’ safety, performance and compliance information.

Through ISNetworld, AmSty is able to maintain:

  • Access to real-time contractor information
  • Transparent processes while increasing due diligence Verified, timely information for decision making that can be shared among AmSty facilities
  • Consistent processes that reduce duplicative efforts for contractors working across multiple projects/jobsites
  • Effective communication vehicles that leverage technology and service

To be considered for work at AmSty, each vendor must maintain an active subscription with ISNetworld and have all required information posted in their account. If your company is a current subscriber to ISNetworld, there is no additional fee. Subscribing to ISNetworld is one important step within the AmSty contractor on-boarding process.

ISN logo RGB D Click Here for additional information on AmSty's relationship with ISNetworld.

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