Our Long-Term Vision:

All polystyrene products are infinitely recyclable

This is where it all begins.

At AmSty, we challenge ourselves daily to safely create products and services that make life better for people around the world. We embrace and promote a culture of sustainability by doing more with less, today and tomorrow.

Our Sustainability Beliefs

The plastic recycling problem can be fixed
The Plastics Recycling System Isn't Working.

 This is a solvable problem that requires innovation and care.

Simplify recycling - All plastics in one recycling bin
Recycling Must Be Simplified.

For everyone to participate, all plastics should go into one recycling bin.

Single-use items should be sustainable materials
Disposable Products Are Needed.

When they are necessary, they should be made from the most sustainable material possible.

AmSty commits to recycling system improvements
System Improvements Are Necessary.

We're commited to investing in improvements to ensure the growth of polystyrene sustainability.

Our Circular Recycling Process

Solving the plastics recycling challenge means creating alternative uses for products that would end up in landfills.

At AmSty, that’s why we’re forging ahead with an innovative circular recycling technology that takes used polystyrene products and returns them to the same product with their original quality and durability.

AmSty Circular Recycling Process for Plastics / Polystyrene

Our Commitment

All AmSty food packaging and foodservice products will be made from 30% recycled materials by 2030

In The Loop

Plastics are an important part of our everyday lives – from food containers and packaging that keep us safe and healthy, to medical supplies, insulation and more – but they must be managed responsibly. The reality is our plastics recycling system isn’t working. At AmSty, we’re committed to innovative solutions, starting with polystyrene, and we’re well on our way. We invite you to learn more about our future plans, the technology we use, and our progress to ensure a circular economy for plastic.  



Sustainability Leadership
When I joined AmSty in 2012, I came from an industry that was experiencing rapid change. I worked for a company that produced media packaging, and with the adoption of digital entertainment, these disc and cartridge-based products became obsolete nea...
Sustainability Leadership
In fourth grade, I had no idea what the word sustainability meant. However, I know now that's when my sustainability journey began, and I can pinpoint the day. It was the fall of 1986 and I was excited that Mr. Gilzow, newly assigned special pro...
Sustainability Leadership
The second-best time to innovate is now. If only I'd started putting money into a retirement account right of college.If only I'd spent more time with my kids.If only I'd developed that perfect golf swing as a teenager. Most of us can look back on ou...

Sustainability Stories

To help raise awareness on these pivotal issues, we have cataloged some of the best and brightest articles on plastics recycling, waste management, and related topics.  These posts represent what's at the heart of the matter, for us... Stay in the loop as we work towards the goal of solving the plastics waste problem.



Join our Sustainability Journey

Achieving our commitments is dependent upon collaboration between AmSty, our customers and all stakeholders seeking sustainable solutions for polystyrene. These partnerships start by discovering mutual challenges, sharing information and working together towards circular recycling solutions. Our team welcomes the conversation. 


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