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Keeps food fresh
Sustainable choice

Food Safety and Preservation

Food packaging made from polystyrene is important for food quality and safety. Insulative products made from polystyrene foam enable safe, cold-pack shipment of perishables from the farm and ocean to the kitchen table, keeping them fresh for consumption. Our PolyRenew® polystyrene – made with certified recycled content – is useful in both foam applications such as meat and fish trays, egg cartons, and school lunch trays, and rigid applications like tableware, cups, containers, and drink lids. Polystyrene is also one of the primary materials for refrigerators, keeping our foods preserved and safe from contamination and spoilage.

Polystyrene allows products to be delivered to society with improved resource sustainability and safety. For example, organic food waste comprises a significant percentage of landfill space. Polystyrene is a very important material to reduce this waste by keeping foods fresh longer to avoid spoilage. Also, leading health organizations promote the use of disposable food service products made from polystyrene to manage food safety.