Responsible Recycling in Texas: Less Waste, More Resources

Starting November of 2010, Montgomery County Texas Precinct 3 began accepting Expanded Polystyrene Foam and Polyethylene Foam for recycling. This is a huge stride toward a more comprehensive and responsible recycling program in the Greater Houston Area. The Precinct 3 Recycle and Reuse Center diverts tons of recyclable materials from local landfills and off of local roadsides, benefiting the environment and saving taxpayer dollars.

Americas Styrenics is committed to comprehensive recycling, helping to reduce landfill waste, conserve energy and preserve a safe and clean environment for future generations. We actively collaborate with local communities, companies and industry associations to discover or establish recycling outlets for polystyrene foam.

As a corporate sponsor for Montgomery County Precinct 3 Recycle and Reuse Center, AmSty has assisted the center in securing grants and also in promoting the new recycling service center. The grant funds have allowed Precinct 3 Recycle and Reuse Center to further expand their services with an additional baler, electrical upgrades, funds to hire an additional employee and the purchase of a new foam densifier machine. Now, in addition to common recycling items, they are able to accept expanded polystyrene and polyethylene foam for recycling.

In order to promote the Center's new recycling capabilities, The Woodlands Township 3R Bazaar event sponsored by AmSty, Waste Management and The Woodlands Township was held on November 13, 2010. During the event AmSty collected clean, foam food containers and packaging materials for delivery to Montgomery County Precinct 3 Recycling and Reuse Center. AmSty also promoted foam recycling at Woodforest Stadium during the 2010 High School Football Playoffs and at The Woodlands Ice Rink (November 2010-January 2011).

For more information on recycling in the Woodlands, visit the Woodlands Township Environmental Services website or call Environmental Services at 281-210-3900.


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