Product Applications

AmSty polystyrene resins are used in diverse end-use applications ranging from food service to the building and construction industry.

Packaging Industry
Polystyrene is used as protective packaging to keep items intact in packaging containers. From valuable electronics to delicate glass items, polystyrene based packaging is highly reliable due to its exceptional cushioning properties and strength.

Food Service
For consumers living in those parts of the world where we take our food supply for granted, it's all too easy to forget the critical role that packaging plays in ensuring the availability, sanitation and freshness of the foods we consume in our daily lives. Polystyrene is widely used to manufacture single use and disposable food containers and packaging because it provides excellent insulation, enhances food service hygiene and contributes to protecting public health by minimizing food contamination and spoilage.

Due to its inert nature, water impermeability and durability, polystyrene has numerous applications in the medical industry. Polystyrene based plastics are used to manufacture disposable petri dishes, pipettes, tissue culture bottles and other types of lab ware. Many temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and medical products rely on polystyrene based packaging because of its excellent thermal insulation properties.

Building and Construction
As the importance of energy conservation grows, the need for highly effective insulation materials also increases. Polystyrene based construction materials serve as good thermal insulators and provide the long-term energy efficiency demanded by the construction industry. Polystyrene’s lightweight and water resistance attributes make it an ideal choice for building floating docks. In addition, its sound insulation property has contributed to usage as an efficient sound barrier.

Appliances/Consumer Electronics
The impact strength and high gloss of certain grades of polystyrene make it suitable for use in appliances like refrigerators.

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