August 2011 - AmSty Renews Successful Corporate Wildlife Program

The Americas Styrenics Joliet facility is continuing its maintenance of a successful wildlife management program startedin 2009. The Joliet facility has been recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council's Registry of Certified & Internationally Accredited Corporate Wildlife Habitat Programs for its efforts. 

In order to earn this distinction, AmSty employees have remained dedicated to monitoring nesting boxes for local bird species, restoring 26 acres of row-crops to tall grass prairie, and maintaining relationships with conservation professionals. 

AmSty, The Dow Chemical Company, and Oiltanking Joliet have formed a joint Wildlife Habitat Committee to ensure continued success with this natural treasure.  The committee is comprised of a group of volunteer AmSty employees and retirees, Dow employees and retirees, and approved nested contract employees who have agreed to collaborate to achieve the mission of the team.


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