AmSty Facility Partners with State of Ohio for Energy Reduction Project

The Americas Styrenics Hanging Rock Facility in Ironton, Ohio, has partnered with the State of Ohio in a new energy reduction project. The facility has replaced all indoor lighting with new energy efficient fixtures, lamps and ballasts, and has added occupancy sensors in areas such as restrooms and warehouse spaces. With a total of 600 new fixtures installed, the energy project provides a 60% annual reduction in the facility’s lighting system energy usage.

AmSty partnered with the State of Ohio by taking advantage of two state incentive programs in order to achieve an eight month payback period on the project.  “We received a substantial rebate through the energy efficiency incentive program under AEP's "Ohio's gridSMART Initiative, and the project also qualified for a commercial building tax deduction which was offered by the state of Ohio, specifically for energy-efficient lighting projects “ states Jennifer R. Hellmich, Production Engineer/Quality Coordinator at the AmSty Hanging Rock Facility.

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