AmSty acknowledges there's a problem with plastic waste recovery today, and we want to do our part to find a solution. 

Here's What We Believe About Plastic Waste and Recycling

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    Unfortunately, the plastics recycling system isn't working today; most plastic waste is never recycled. This is a problem that requires a new way of doing things and the Regenyx model needs to be part of that solution.

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    When disposable items are needed, they should be made from the most sustainable material possible. Based on energy, emissions, raw material usage, and market value - polystyrene is the most sustainable material choice for many disposables.

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    The Regenyx process opens all existing end-markets to recycled content by providing an economic pathway for waste materials to be reused.

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    We firmly believe all plastics should go into one recycling bin; technology and professionals should do the sorting - not the consumer. It must be simple for consumers to participate in recycling.

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    We accept our obligation to help fund system improvements that assure sustainable end-of-life solutions for our products.

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    In-kind recycling, where products are returned to their original use, is what society values most.

  • 7.

    Our long-term vision is that no polystyrene product should ever be landfilled.

AmSty believes now is the time for resin producers, governments, and NGOs alike to step up together and shape the future of plastics recycling, innovation, and sustainability.

The chart below shows our vision for a closed-loop system of plastics recycling. This is the future of plastics sustainability.

AmSy leadership meets with Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX 8th District) and other Congressional officials to discuss solutions for plastic waste and recycling infrastructure

Each effort taken toward a long-

term recycling system solution is

driven by a fundamental belief

that plastic waste is a sustainable

resource and must be managed


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