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Polystyrene foam is an important part of our everyday lives, but the reality is, nearly none of the products are recycled and instead, end up in our landfills.
Now, thanks to Regenyx, a joint venture between AmSty and Agilyx, polystyrene foam is being converted back to its original molecular form, with the resulting resin pellets used to make original products – with the same quality and durability. Polystyrene products like utensils, cups and food containers are made new again, instead of being tossed in the trash.
Regenyx, recognized by the American Chemistry Council as a 2020 Sustainability Leader, is the first large-scale advanced polystyrene recycling system in the world. Through innovations and partnerships like this, our long-term vision is that polystyrene products never go to the landfill, but are reclaimed, reprocessed and reused over and over.

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