PolyRenew® Post-Consumer

PolyRenew® Polystyrene 1625 is a single pellet product solution containing post-consumer recycled polystyrene product developed for use in foodservice applications containing up to 25% post-consumer recycled polystyrene. PolyRenew performs in a similar manner to AmSty's HHGP 685D and does not require any modifications to a converter's equipment.

The post consumer recycled polystyrene undergoes a complex washing, blending and polymerization process to create PolyRenew. As a single pellet product, PolyRenew maintains traceability and post-consumer recycle material source control for product consistency.

PolyRenew Benefits:
·         Similar physical, mechanic and thermal properties to virgin high-heat general-purpose polystyrene 
·         Low melt flow rate
·         Consistent clarity, process-ability and performance
·         Pellet form with an off-white clarity
·         Brilliant gloss
·         Stiffness in thermoforming and extrusion
·         Suitable for injection molding and extrusion processes
·         Exceptional clarity and attractive light-transmission properties
·         Chemical resistance and radiation stability typical of virgin polystyrene
·         Effective at keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold
·         Reduces environmental impact
·         Recyclable   

Our research and development team is available to provide advice and counsel on the use of PolyRenew. To learn more about how PolyRenew can help converters and packagers reduce their environmental impact without reducing the quality of their product, contact us at 844-512-1212.

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