Zero Recordables Safety Milestone

Americas Styrenics is proud to announce the achievement of an entire year with no recordable injuries among our AmSty employees and contractors. That equates to over 1.5 million safe man-hours!

Safe operations are complicated...and it takes a lot of work to make NOTHING happen – no unplanned events. It takes a lot of people making smart, complex and sometimes difficult decisions to do it right all the time. Safety is both a product and a process that has to be watched, worried about, tuned and adjusted.

AmSty is constantly monitoring our EH&S systems to ensure that they are operating at optimum performance. We will continue to search for new and innovative ways to explore safety topics. There is nothing that better reflects our respect for people than our commitment to ensure the safety of every person that works at our site facilities.

THANK YOU to the entire AmSty team for being “Safety Smart” and working to “Guarantee YOUR Tomorrow”.


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