First Polystyrene Chemical Recycling Facility Opens in Tigard, Oregon

The Woodlands, Texas – June 20, 2018Agilyx has opened a first-of-kind polystyrene chemical recycling facility in Tigard, Oregon, that will convert used polystyrene products back into their original liquid form.  Fresh polystyrene products can then be made without degrading quality or value.  This form of circular recycling is known as the PolyUsable™ Process.

Polystyrene products can offer sustainability advantages where less material is required (e.g., a foam cup is 95% air).  However, in past decades polystyrene products like foam cups have often been excluded from recycling collection programs due to practical and economic considerations.  With the PolyUsable™ Process, polystyrene may now become particularly advantageous as a sustainable material because the PolyUsable™ Process is uniquely effective at converting waste polystyrene plastic back to its original liquid form, styrene monomer.

Last August AmSty announced an agreement with Agilyx, to receive and process transformed post-consumer polystyrene at the AmSty styrene monomer facility in St. James, Louisiana. The long-term goal of the program is to turn previously discarded material into all-new polystyrene resins without degrading quality or value.  The PolyUsable™ process could be a revolutionary breakthrough in sustainability for the entire plastics industry.

Jon Timbers, Director of Innovation and Sustainability for AmSty, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony with Agilyx on April 18. “AmSty is committed to providing circular, in-kind recycling options for polystyrene products using the PolyUsable™ Process,” said Timbers. “So discarded single-use items like foam cups can now go right back to the same applications with no need to landfill. Working with Agilyx has made this idea a reality.”

Contact us to learn more about the PolyUsable™ process and AmSty’s partnership with Agilyx.


Mr. Jon Timbers, 815-418-6402
Senior Manager - Innovation and Sustainability

Mr. Joshua Want, 844-512-1212
Communications Manager

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