Trinseo Exec Talks Innovation with Chemical Week Magazine

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The Woodlands, Texas– August 1, 2019 – Nicolas Joly, Global Business Director for Polystyrene at Trinseo, discussed with ChecmWeek Magazine the potential PS chemical recycling brings to consumers across the world. Joly highlight the work of AmSty, Agilyx and Regenyx, recycling post-use polystyrene in the Pacific Northwest.

 You can read the full story here on ChemWeek or on Trinseo's website.

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The Circular Economy - Regenyx Leads the Way for Chemical Recycling in Polystyrene

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The Woodlands, Texas– October 1, 2019 – Plastics News has publisehd an article showcasing the work of AmSty and its partner company Agilyx, along with other industry leaders, who are working towards a circular economy in plastics recycling. 

Rob Benedict, the author's article says, "Petrochemical manufacturers are commonly known as creators of the building blocks for plastic. But increasingly, they're making headlines for reversing that process — turning used plastic products back into their original building-block monomers "

 You can read the full story here:

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Plastics News: Oregon Project Out to Prove Recycling Can Pay

The Woodlands, Texas – September 26, 2019 –  Plastics News published an article showcasing a major Oregon-based recycling project, sponsored by AmSty, whose goal is to find solutions to plastic waste and recycling improvements.

Jim Johnson, the author of the article says, "Instead of adding additional equipment to each Municipal Recycling Facility (MRF) to capture more plastics, the pilot project instead is out to prove that a secondary sortation at a completely different facility is cost effective."

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