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Mr. Gilzow, Garbage and My 4th Grade Epiphany


In fourth grade, I had no idea what the word sustainability meant. However, I know now that's when my sustainability journey began, and I can pinpoint the day. It was the fall of 1986 and I was excited that Mr. Gilzow, newly assigned special programs instructor and my hands-down favorite teacher at the time, was scheduled to talk to our h...

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LEGO® Blocks and Lessons in Sustainability

LEGO Teamwork Lessons Sustainability Lessons

I bet many of you spent time playing with LEGO® blocks as youngsters. I know I did – carefully crafting airplanes, castles, robots, speedboats. I would venture a guess that most of the LEGO® blocks we used back then are still around today – stored away, handed down, donated to a thrift store for someone else to enjoy. Those things are basically ind...

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