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Plastics Industry at a Critical Juncture


By Tim Barnette, Vice President – Polymers & Sustainability Plastics, as an industry, has entered a new domain once thought unattainable. Circularity is no longer just a concept or even a goal – end-to-end plastic recycling is already here. This new reality was evident at NPE2024 – where companies from around the world came to Orlando for the f...

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Building Resilient Teams: AmSty’s Hector Bedoya


When Hector Bedoya was promoted to plant manager at AmSty's Torrance, California, polystyrene plant his priority was the people. He promptly scheduled one-on-one meetings with each of the 33 employees, listening intently to understand who they are, their areas of expertise, and where they saw challenges and opportunities. "As a manager, you must lo...

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The Power of the 5 Graces of Life and Leadership


 By Kevin Stallmo In 2022, after a long two years of adjusting to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, I discovered a book entitled "The 5 Graces of Life and Leadership" by Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, the leading executive recruiting and leadership training company on the planet in my opinion. As Sales Director at AmSty, and a voracious...

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Fostering an Atmosphere of Trust: AmSty’s Christina Guice


Christina Guice was drawn to AmSty because of its values. As a chemical engineer who spent 12 years in various industries, she was offered the role of production engineer at the company's plant in Joliet, Illinois, in 2016 and knew AmSty was the right fit. "They genuinely care about people. I had an opportunity to meet people here and they were pro...

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Environment, Health and Safety: AmSty’s Values in Action


AmSty has an impressive record that exemplifies its dedication to safety and the environment. As highlighted in the 2023 AmSty sustainability report, "Driving Sustainable Change," the company's safety record, measured by the Recordable Incident Rate (RIR), is in the top quartile of chemical companies in the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Also, s...

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A Successful Plant Manager’s Philosophy: Elevating Employees


Jennifer Hellmich wants employees to see what they're capable of "and get excited about it." As plant manager at AmSty's Hanging Rock, Ohio, facility, Hellmich has plenty of experience to draw upon in her leadership role. The chemical engineer has been with AmSty 14 years, serving as quality coordinator, improvement engineer and operations coach be...

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Polystyrene Plastic: Making Life Better


By Richard Shaw, Director, Circular Economy & Sustainability  I can't imagine a life without plastic, specifically polystyrene plastic, which is one of the products AmSty makes. Created from styrene monomer, another product we produce, polystyrene has a long been a favorite of manufacturers because it's durable, attractive, lightweight, to...

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3 Keys to Hiring Inspired Employees: AmSty’s Christina Guice


Plant Manager Christina Guice prides herself on a hands-off approach. As the manager of AmSty's plant in Joliet, Illinois, where high-impact polystyrene plastic is made – a material used in the interior lining of refrigerators, disposable party cups and various food and medical packaging – Guice doesn't need to micromanage. She oversees a small tea...

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Keys to a Winning Playbook in a Customer-Centric Supply Chain


Supply chain management, in its most basic form, is managing the flow of goods, data and information related to a product or service – from procuring raw materials to getting the end product to its final destination. Customer satisfaction hinges on the outcome and it takes lots of players to make it happen. This is according to Bill Griebel, who re...

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 As vice president of operations at AmSty, Jonathan Kammerer is on the road. A lot. And he wouldn't have it any other way. "I love being at the plants, helping and supporting plant managers," said Jonathan, who has served in this role since 2019, overseeing all manufacturing, engineering, quality and reliability at AmSty's seven plants. That i...

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AmSty Sustainability Milestones Showcase Innovative Spirit


By Richard Shaw, Director, Circular Economy & Sustainability AmSty is a leading producer of polystyrene and styrene monomer. In other words, we make plastic – a material that enhances our everyday lives in many ways, from food packaging, medical supplies and bike helmets that keep us safe to refrigerators and insulation that keep us comfortable...

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AmSty Among Finalists for Global ICIS Innovation Award


AmSty is proud to have been named a finalist for the 2023 ICIS Innovation Awards, open to companies in the chemical industry that use innovation to solve problems and provide solutions for their customers and society, as well as benefitting the environment and progressing sustainability. With offices worldwide, ICIS (Independent Commodity Intellige...

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