Environmental Excellence

We are committed to a safe and clean environment for future generations. We fully comply with all environmental rules and regulations.  We believe in reducing waste and energy consumption and operate in a manner that protects the environment.

We conserve resources. 
We utilize the most efficient modes of transportation to receive raw materials and to deliver products to our customers. Delivery routes are routinely scrutinized to provide the most energy efficient mode of transport.

We are very committed to reducing energy at all AmSty facilities. Through capital upgrades, product consolidation, warehouse terminal reduction, synergies, repairs and refined work processes we are successfully reducing greenhouse emissions and improving air quality.

We minimize waste.
Our goal is zero waste. We constantly strive to reduce the amount of waste generation and we make every effort to convert waste streams into alternative recycling streams.

We steward our products.
We work with stakeholders to ensure no accidental or intentional harm comes from their use. Re-evaluation of process operating parameters, along with capture and reuse of waste streams, provide alternatives for source reductions.

We conserve our natural habitat.
At each AmSty facility, we operate responsibly and protect the surrounding natural habitat. Local measures have a global impact. AmSty exercises corporate responsibility at all levels through strict environmental compliance. We support the development of responsible, science-based laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures.

The AmSty Joliet facility was recognized in the Wildlife Habitat Council's Registry of Certified & Internationally Accredited Corporate Wildlife Habitat Programs. Plant employees have been working to monitor nesting boxes, restore 26 acres of row-crops into tall grass prairie, and maintain relationships with conservation professionals.

Facility Spotlight
The AmSty Joliet Facility has been recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council for conservation efforts.  

Polystyrene - A Sustainable Choice
Polystyrene packaging is safe and affordable, as well as an environmentally responsible choice.   

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