PolyRenew® Polystyrene Applications

PolyRenew® Polystyrene can be used in any food contact applications where High Heat General Purpose Polystyrene is currently used and without a need for converters to modify any equipment. High-heat polystyrene is one of the most economical solutions for brilliant gloss, water-white clarity and stiffness in thermoforming, extrusion and injection-molded applications. 

PolyRenew® Polystyrene is U.S. FDA compliant for use in the manufacturing of articles used in food contact applications, just like virgin polystyrene. Its primary targeted use is foam polystyrene food packaging applications, including:

·        Clamshells
·        Bowls
·        Plates
·        Hot and Cold Drink Cups
·        Egg Cartons
·        Meat Trays
·        School Lunch Trays

Health organizations encourage the use of single-use food service products, including polystyrene, because they provide increased food safety. 

Our research and development team is available  to provide advice and counsel on PolyRenew® applications. To learn more about how PolyRenew can help converters and packagers reduce their environmental impact without reducing the quality of their product, contact us at 844-512-1212.