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At Americas Styrenics, we pride ourselves on product innnovation and we value environmental stewardship, corporate responsibility and community involvement. We invite you to browse the latest AmSty news and events.

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August 2011 - AmSty Renews Successful Corporate Wildlife Program

The Americas Styrenics Joliet facility is continuing its maintenance of a successful wildlife management program startedin 2009. The Joliet facility has been recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council's Registry of Certified & Internationally Accredited Corporate Wildlife Habitat Programs for its efforts. 

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Polystyrene - A Smart, Sustainable Solution

With growing concern about sustainability, preservation of our environment and climate change that should not be ignored, AmSty strives to educate the public regarding polystyrene and the global impact that it has.

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AmSty Participates in Habitat for Humanity Executive Build Day

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, members of the AmSty Leadership Team donated their time to Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds homes for families in need.

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AmSty Facility Partners with State of Ohio for Energy Reduction Project

The Americas Styrenics Hanging Rock facility in Ironton, Ohio, has partnered with the State of Ohio in a new energy reduction project. The facility has replaced all indoor lighting with new energy efficient fixtures, lamps and ballasts, and has added occupancy sensors in areas such as restrooms and warehouse spaces. 

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Responsible Recycling in Texas: Less Waste, More Resources

Starting November of 2010, Montgomery County Texas Precinct 3 began accepting Expanded Polystyrene Foam and Polyethylene Foam for recycling. This is a huge stride toward a more comprehensive and responsible recycling program in the Greater Houston Area. The Precinct 3 Recycle and Reuse Center diverts tons of recyclable materials from local landfills and off of local roadsides, benefiting the environment and saving taxpayer dollars.

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