Benefits to the Food Service Industry

The biggest, near-term trend in packaging is the move to sustainable packaging that incorporates a significant amount of high-quality post-consumer recycled raw materials. 

AmSty PolyRenew® Polystyrene offers the Food Service Industry a sustainable alternative to traditional food contact packaging options. Molders and Manufacturers are provided with the same effective insulation and safe food handling benefits as traditional polystyrene resins with the added advantage a post-consumer recycled material product. 

PolyRenew® Polystyrene is used to manufacture sustainable packaging products, including clamshells, bowls, plates, cups, egg cartons and other packaging products for food contact applications. 

Our research and development team is available to provide advice and counsel on how PolyRenew® Polystyrene can benefit the Food Service Industry. To learn more about how PolyRenew Polystyrene can help converters and packagers reduce their environmental impact without reducing the quality of their product, contact us
at 844-512-1212.

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