What is PolyRenew® Polystyrene?
PolyRenew® Polystyrene is a single pellet polystyrene product made from up to 25% post-consumer recycled polystyrene and 75% or greater virgin polystyrene developed for use in foodservice applications. 

Where can PolyRenew be used?
PolyRenew can be used in any foodservice application that would normally use general purpose polystyrene.

Can polystyrene be recycled?
Yes! Polystyrene is recycled into many valuable new products, such as picture frames, cornices and moldings, base boards, office supplies and more. There is a growing market for recycled polystyrene. With the addition of PolyRenew, polystyrene is now being recycled into food service applications as well. 

Is PolyRenew biodegradable?
No. Polystyrene is an inert material and is not designed to break down or release toxic substances into a landfill.

Did the U.S. FDA approve PolyRenew for use in food packaging products?
PolyRenew® polystyrene is U.S. FDA compliant for food packaging applications.

To learn more about how PolyRenew can help converters and packagers reduce their environmental impact without reducing the quality of their product, contact us today.

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