Hanging Rock, Ohio

The Americas Styrenics polystyrene plant at Dow’s Hanging Rock manufacturing site is located in Ironton, Ohio on the banks of the Ohio River. The polystyrene plant began operations in 1968 and became an AmSty asset in April 2008.

Americas Styrenics
925 County Road 1-A
Ironton, OH 45638

Phone: 740-302-8667

1991 Dow President’s Quality Award, 1992 Achieved ISO 9002. The plant has received numerous Tech Center awards over the years for such things as cost reduction, energy use, quality, etc. The plant has gone more than three years without a recordable injury, Dow or contractor, and has only had one Dow recordable spill in the last two years. The plant has achieved record quality performance over the past two years. 2006 External Responsible Care audit and passed with outstanding results.

Products Produced:
GPPS and HIPS Polystyrene

STYRON™ general-purpose polystyrene resins offer consistent clarity, process ability and performance. Exceptional clarity, attractive light-transmission properties, chemical resistance and radiation stability make them well suited for a variety of applications including food packaging, lighting, packaging, dinnerware, medical ware, toys, gloss laminations and bottles. STYRON™ high-impact polystyrene resins provide balanced toughness, gloss and process ability. These resins are designed for "toughness" and are available in a range of impact resistance suitable for applications such as furniture, floppy diskettes, toys, packaging, housewares, appliance parts, audio and video cassettes, dinnerware, refrigeration and vacuum-formed packaging.


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