Cartagena, Colombia

The Americas Styrenics polystyrene plant in Cartagena, Colombia began operations in 1965 – the first polystyrene production facility in Latin America. 

Americas Styrenics
Mamonal Km 14
Apartado Aereo 2888
Cartagena, Colombia 130013

Phone: +(57) 5 6700500

2004 Responsible Care Excellence Award, the highest recognition level granted by the Colombian Responsible Care Organization, 2005 Global Technology Center Award “Project: Fuel Usage Reduction in BTU/LB By 40% in Cartagena”, 2005 Global Technology Center Award "Project: PS Energy Conservation Program", 2005 State Environmental Agency, CARDIQUE, bestowed a special environmental award for "Eco-efficient companies", 2006 Global Technology Center Wrap Award “Project: Global PS Energy Efficiency Improvements”, 2007 Production Record = 144 MMlbs, 2007 EH&S recognition due to zero reportable injuries since 1/1/97, 2007 EH&S recognition due to zero reportable LOPC’s since 3/1/01, 2007 Responsible Care® Award for Community Relations Program

Products Produced:
GPPS and HIPS Polystyrene

STYRON™ general-purpose polystyrene resins offer consistent clarity, process ability and performance.  Exceptional clarity, attractive light-transmission properties, chemical resistance and radiation stability make them well suited for a variety of applications including food packaging, lighting, packaging, dinnerware, medical ware, toys, gloss laminations and bottles. STYRON high-impact polystyrene resins provide balanced toughness, gloss and process ability. These resins are designed for "toughness" and are available in a range of impact resistance suitable for applications such as furniture, floppy diskettes, toys, packaging, housewares, appliance parts, audio and video cassettes, dinnerware, refrigeration and vacuum-formed packaging.


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