Corporate Responsibility

AmSty is committed to environmental and safety excellence. We strive to be a model for the chemical industry by making optimal use of the planet’s precious resources and by minimizing emissions and waste.

AmSty is committed to manufacturing, handling, transporting and disposing of chemical products safely, 100% of the time. We care about the communities where we live and work by demonstrating a culture that puts safety above all, and heeds responsible environmental policies and practices.

AmSty has committed to publicly share our views on the principles that are the foundation for product safety legislation and regulation. We support the development of responsible, science-based laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures that safeguard the community, workplace and environment. We welcome appropriate review by governments to maintain and enhance public acceptance of its operations and products.

At AmSty, we challenge ourselves daily to safely create products and services that make life better for people around the world.


Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
AmSty Corporate Responsibility Report 2013-2014         AmSty Corporate Responsibility Report 2012         AmSty Corporate Responsibility Report 2011
CSR 2013-2014         CSR 2012         CSR 2011

AmSty Corporate Promise:

To Protect People and the Environment
The health and safety of our employees and the protection of our communities are our highest priority.  We deliver world-class performance through disciplined application of our Operating Discipline Management System.

Always Maintain Respect for People
Our success depends upon the commitment, capabilities and diversity of our employees. We value the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. Respect for people is measured by how we treat each other, by the contributions that flow from our diversity and by the productivity of our relationships. We strive to be an employer of choice.

Uphold a Standard of Integrity
We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all that we do. We meet the highest ethical standards in all business dealings, regardless of where we operate. We are accountable for our actions. 

Promote Teamwork
We are one team. We will work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for the customers that we serve. Our "can do" spirit delivers superior performance.   

Create Value
We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are results-driven and will create value through continuous improvement.

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