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In today's world, every company needs to think about how to Make its products more sustainable.  That's what the PolyRenew® brand is all about.

AmSty is committed to helping the world's product makers achieve sustainability and recycled content goals for the coming years.  We continue to invest in technology, resources, and innovation to support the first step in the waste hierarchy, which is to reduce waste generation.

PolyRenew® products are designed with waste reduction and improved sustainability in mind.
There are three generations of products in the PolyRenew family, all with improved sustainability attributes.

The first generation incorporates ISCC Plus Certified recycled material into a resin that is used in direct food contact applications. These materials are also being used in non-food contact applications, with a wide range of recycled material content.

The second generation of PolyRenew® resins are engineered to bring higher efficiency to our customer’s processes, and to reduce the use of raw materials. These products are designed around the concept of doing more with less. They are widely used today in food contact applications and many other consumer products.

The third generation of PolyRenew® resins come from our joint-venture recycling facility, Regenyx, and contain recycled polystyrene waste converted back into feedstock. These new grades were commercialized in 2020.

AmSty is committed to the belief that polystyrene innovations are the best path to a circular economy.

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